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Win Recycling is an electronic waste recycling company that is committed to helping the community minimize its waste by providing the means for safe reuse of batteries and battery containing devices. To keep these items from ending up in landfills, we have created simple and effective recycling programs for both local industries and the public. We strive for a zero-waste objective as we invest in a sustainable future through maximizing the potential of reusable resources.

Our Services

Consumer Batteries

We collect and accept all grades of consumer batteries.

UPS and Exotic Lead Batteries

We handle all products that contain a lead or nickel alloy battery.

Battery Containing Devices

If a product contains an embedded battery, we can recycle it. Simple as that.

HEV & EV Units

We recycle all Electronic Vehicle and Hybrid Electronic Vehicle Batteries.

Recycle With Us.

We run a convenient battery recycling program. Order a battery box today to ensure each battery in your home gets recycled! Please click below for more information and resources pertaining to our convenient battery recycling program.

Get In Touch

Please leave us a message with your contact information below and one of our employees will reach out with a response!