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What we Buy

What We Do

At WIN Recycling, we do our part for our local and national communities through accepting and recycling all forms of batteries. From consumer batteries to HEV & EV Batteries, we can handle it!

Please read below to see a list of materials that we recycle.

Consumer Batteries

We collect and accept all grades of consumer products, such as Alkaline, Lithium-Ion, Lithium Primary, and Nickel Metal Hydride

Alkaline Batteries (AA)

Laptop Battery

Cellphone Battery

UPS and Exotic Lead Batteries

Recycling stationary power back-up systems is our forte. If a product contains a lead or nickel alloy battery, we can handle it. These batteries are used in

Solar Technology

Alarm Systems

Medical Devices

Battery Containing Devices

If a product contains an embedded battery, we can recycle it. Simple as

Tablet (i.e., Kindle)


PlayStation Controller

HEV & EV Units

We accept all electronic vehicle and hybrid electronic vehicle batteries.

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